Community Building

"Membership has its privileges" as the popular saying goes. 

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21 Dreams is comprised of a simple and efficient organizational structure. It is made up of a close knit team of talented, passionate and dedicated members. All individual creatives working in tandem to move forth the vision of the organization.


Develops and implements programs that support the goal and vision of the organization. Oversee new program development, as well as to monitor and assess existing programs. For more info contact:


Evaluate the needs of artist community, add value to membership through services, advocacy, support and relative programs. Actively recruit new members, promote and encourage participation. The team also assist with coordinating volunteer opportunities. For more info contact:


Responsible for the design, development and approval of brand management, marketing campaigns, media relations, social media, newsletter, print and electronic communications. For more info contact:


Implements the organization’s fiduciary, strategic, and generative plans, policies, and decisions consistent with the organization’s Vision, Mission and guiding principles. For more info contact:


Provide resources and support, assistance with projects and non-binding strategic advice to the management of the organization.

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