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Our Story

In the City of Montgomery, we’ve celebrated art throughout our history and heritage. As our community progresses in its economic development and educational efforts, it is imperative that 21 Dreams begins expanding its reach across cultural, racial, generational and economic boundaries by identifying passions and common interests. Art is an equalizer that enables us to bridge such gaps in our community.

Our MISSION is to influence growth and value of the arts through public engagement and creative programming ensuring accessibility for all. Our VISION is to create artistic & cultural growth throughout the city, by developing artists and connecting with the public to cultivate a thriving creative community.


Connect people and resources forming an arts & culture pipeline:

  • Establish a connection with local artists in high schools, universities and those actively working in the community.
  • Form strategic partnerships and acquire resources from city stakeholders with interest in the cultivation of the artistic community.

Create new and unique opportunities using arts & culture to breathe life into the city:

  • Create public art exhibitions to promote a vibrant and engaging creative community.
  • Organize an annual collaborative celebration of the arts highlighting emerging artists and raising awareness about the role arts and humanities play in our lives.

Cultivate a rich and inclusive community that will sustain its creative culture:

  • Develop mentorship programs in communities that lack resources for creative arts training and development.
  • Promote multimedia projects and initiatives for training and economic growth in the field of digital arts.

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